About Us

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We are a “Global Family Business Consultants Network” (GFBCN) founded and run by the Emeritus, Greek American Professor in Management at Terry College of Business, Mr. Asterios G. Kefalas. For Greece and Cyprus, his partner is Dr. Christos E. Georgiou

Why us?

Professor Kefalas has an approximately forty (40) years of international experience on implementing succession tasks in family businesses and in combination with the development of the relevant methodology by himself and his partner Dr. Christos E. Georgiou, they can guarantee a successful implementation of the succession procedure in your family business!

The resume of Professor Asterios G. Kefalas

Professor Asterios G. Kefalas was born and educated in Greece, Germany, and the United States. He has spent the last forty years of his academic and consulting career at Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia teaching: “Management Systems” and “International Business Strategies”

During this years he engages in research and consulting on the subject of the “Succession Process in Family Businesses” on a daily basis, offering his services in businesses in the US, Venezuela, Greece and Cyprus.

The resume of Dr. Christos E. Georgiou

Dr. Christos E. Georgiou studied as Mechanical Engineer at the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki (1992) and is a Doctor of Business Administration from the University of Patras.

In 1998 he met Professor Asterios G. Kefalas and ever since he engages in studying subjects, concerning strategic management and the implementation of the succession procedure in family business. Together with professor Kefalas, they have developed the methodology of “succession in family businesses”, which is included in his homonymous book, sold in Greece and Cyprus.

He is Mr. Kefalas’ associate in Greece and Cyprus, for the assistance of family businesses that wish to implement a proper succession procedure. Dr. Georgiou is employed as Director of Research and Documentation Department at the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece.