The book of succession

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Across the globe, family businesses represent on average, 90 per cent of the active enterprises, they produce almost 50 per cent of the GDP, while they employ 50 per cent of the global work force. Thus, the process of a successful succession is a vital point for the economic development of countries.

Our Book

The book “Succession in Family Businesses”, presents the story of Mr. Christos and his son, Alekos and can provide you with practical advice for a successful succession, thus ensuring the continuity of your family business.

You can order this book – practical guide from the publishing house ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ following this link:

Alternatively, you can purchase it from the bookstores ΙΑΝΟΣ, or buy it online: oikogeneiakes-epixeiriseis.html

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About the Book…

The book has three virtues: 1) it is up-to-date, 2) it is useful in context of the necessary empowerment of the productive and corporate sector in Greece and, 3) is practical and easy to use.
Giannis Kalogirou, Professor of Economics, Technology and Industrial Strategy at the NTUA, Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit at the NTUA
It is a useful manual on succession, an easy to read, comprehensible and well written guide, addressed to parents and children, who wish to continue and develop viable businesses in our country. Among others, it provides explicit instructions for every stage of choosing and preparing a successor – the new leader in a family business.
Christina Damoulianou. Journalist, Columnist in the newspaper “KATHIMERINI”, honored in 2007 with the Gender Equality Prize of the Botsi Foundation
In the past, the philosophy and the art of passing down the reins of a business was rarely taught. Each manager was troubling himself, without having any prior knowledge from a parent or a professor, a supervisor, or a predecessor. That is why I congratulate the authors’ contemplations on the present publication.
Theodoros Papalexopoulos, Industrialist
Right from the start, I was impressed by the clarity and the simplicity of the book’s “recipes”, that outlined explicitly the steps I had to make, during the struggle of taking up the leadership of the family business.
Giouli Doxanaki, CEO of Lotus Consulting
I must confess that talking with the authors, quickly convinced us that we will successfully deliver the company to the new generation and I personally believe, that if we follow the book’s suggestions and we implement the legacy of the 1st generation, then the transition of the business up to the 3rd generation will be ensured.
Nikolaos Platatanias – New CEO of PALAPLAST S.A
I came across this book when we decided in our family business, that it was time the new generation succeeded the founders. In addition, when it was decided that I would lead the new team, I had many questions and I was really concerned. Reading this book turned out to be an unexpected gift to my efforts. It allowed me to view the entire situation from a different perspective and it boosted my confidence, while moving forward. It is a book that serves as a wake-up call for its readers and energizes them, a writer’s feat worthy of praise – it was an honor and a privilege meeting in person the authors of this book!
Nikolaos Platanias – New CEO of PALAPLAST S.A.
The book of the professor, Mr. Asterios Kefalas, and his worthy partner, Mr. Christos Georgiou is a “philosophical” guide, that aims to provide solutions and contribute to the smooth transition of the business to the successors. The simplicity, the substantive arguments, the vividness and the optimism that define it, highlight the features and the capabilities of “leaders” and “successors” alike. We congratulate and thank them deeply.
Georgios Ch. Spanos, President and Founder of “DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS”, Eirini G. Spanou, Vice-president of “DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS”
I believe in a business community, like the one in Cyprus, the messages of this publication, as well as the proposed methodology of Mr. Kefalas and Mr. Georgiou, which was successfully implemented in our family business, is the best thing for ensuring the continuity and the creation of a new – safe reboot of a family business, of course, with the important initiative and effort of the next generation.
Pantelis Athinis, CEO of “KRONOS” Group