What We Offer

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 •  High level consulting services. 

   Briefing on the subject of Succession and Continuity of the Business. 

   The proper techniques and tools for the implementation of a PROPER SUCCESSION PROCEDURE. 

   Access to special knowledge/ know-how and assistance on the big subject of SUCCESSION.


The procedure of our consulting intervention for the facilitation of the procedure of succession in a family business lasts for about two years and is comprised of the following steps:

Step 1: Briefing on our method

Step 2: The Evaluation of the Health Status of the Family Business and the creation of the “Health Statement of the Family Business”

Step 3: The presentation of the results the Health Statement to the entirety of the family business

Step 4: The presentation of the “Road Map” of our intervention to the members of the family business, which includes the creation of the “Governing System”, which in turn encompasses the following elements:

a)      The “Family Council”

b)      The “Constitution of the Family Business”

c)      The “Independent Administrative Board”, and

d)      The “Management Framework” and the “Policies”